Welcome to nanoblocnote by zombectro !
This is a flash tool for writing/saving/sharing your nanoloop 1.3
songs's data on your computer.

How to :

Use the keyboard (1-9, A-F, ← ↑ → ↓)
when your mouse is over an editable pattern.

You can also extend the size of the cursor for edit more pattern at the same time.

Tips :

- If you do not want your eyes bleed,
use nanoblocnote in 800x600

- Double check everything !

- The save to disk function is not really sure and doesn't work
all the time, check all images created with it !

- I recommend you to use the "Print screen" key and theses blank screen
for save your work with your favorite Image editing software :

Blank Pattern | Blank Song Structure | Blank Waveform

This flash tool is a beta version, a better quality and many other options could be implemented,
if you want to help me (or say something) you can find my mail on my homepage !
And you can also find the source here

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Credits :

zombectro's nanoblocnote uses BitmapExporter by Mario Klingemann
Copyright for Nanoloop : © Oliver Wittchow

Beta Tester : Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours